Patient Surveys and Other Tools For Lupus
LupusPRO, Lupus Impact Tracker-LIT, Body Image in Lupus Screen-BILS, SIMPLE Index
Take control of lupus
 Tools to help patients and doctors communicate efficiently and effectively, and to help them quickly but systematically assess disease activity

LupusPRO is available in multiple languages, and has been studied and published in several of them

LupusPRO and Lupus Impact Tracker are available in the Following Languages


LupusPRO v1.7 has been shown to be have validity-reliability in multiple languages. It shows responsiveness and measurement equivalence.LupusPRO V1.8 shows good psychometric properties and is published. The combined domain of Pain-Vitality from version 1.7 has been split to form 3 separate domains of Pain, Vitality and Sleep for version 1.8, to allow tracking for changes in these specific areas over time.