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Track Lupus using Lupus Impact Tracker

What is Lupus Impact Tracker (LIT)

Lupus Impact Tracker (LIT) is a 10 question survey. It was developed to help patients with lupus communicate with theirrheumatoloigist/lupus doctors. Since, it is brief, it can be easily and quickly completed in busy physician offices, withoutburdening them. It can be used for tracking the patients disease, by patients themselves, or by their physicians, or both. It can also beused in tracking response to treatment , in research and clinical trials.This tool was derived from its parent survey, LupusPRO, which is comprehensive, and thus longer. Using LIT is very easy, and does not require much calculations either. LIT gives one total LIT score. This is obtained by adding your responses, and then using the conversion table provided in the form, to get the total score. Patients find it easy to use and score. Physicians find it useful too.LIT has been developed using sound techniques, and has excellent measurement properties. It is validated in English within USA,Canada and Australia. It has also been validated in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Swedish. The tool had good measurement equivalence. It has also been shown to be responsive to changes in disease as assessed by patients, or as assessed by diseaseactivity or flares by their lupus doctors. This is the only patient reported tool thus far that has been shown to be responsive to changes in SLE Responder Index also.

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