Patient Surveys For Lupus:
LupusPRO, Lupus Impact Tracker-LIT and Body Image in Lupus Screen-BILS
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These survey tools were developed at Rush University by Dr Meenakshi Jolly, a Lupus expert, in collaboration with Simon A Pickard at UIC.


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Dr. Meenakshi Jolly and Dr. A. Simon Pickard  worked on developing LupusPRO to measure effects of lupus or its treatment on patient's daily lives. The items for this tool are based on feedback from real life lupus patients, women and men, of varied ethnicity. 

Meenakshi Jolly, is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine/Rheumatology and Department of Behavioral Sciences. She is the Director of the Rush Lupus Clinic, and is actively engaged in research on patient reported health outcomes (i.e Health Related Quality of Life) and psycho-social health in lupus.

Dr Jolly has worked on development and validation of survey tools for Lupus eg LupusPRO, body image screen for Lupus (BILS) and Lupus Impact Tracker (LIT) using the FDA guidelines. She has also developed Simple disease Assesment for people with lupus erythematosus (SIMPLE) Index to quantify disease activity in lupus, which requires negligible health care personnel time and only two lab tests.

This website will provide you with information you may need to use this tool for your own use, providing clinical care at your center or for research purposes. Please obtain permission prior to use of the tool. (Refer to Information Page, for how to obtain permission)

LupusPRO V1.7 has been fully validated and published. See Translations and Scientific References for more information

Currently LupusPRO V 1.8 is also available.

Lupus Impact Tracker is also available in various languages.

Body Image in Lupus Screen-BILS is available as a separate tool, but also is included in LupusPRO as a  HRQOL domain.